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Demo Show Creator - Beta-Version

November, 10th, 2002 / from RAL

New: DSC light 1.30 (1,91 MB) available. Compatible with Q3 1.32.

Readme for DSC light 1.30.

New: RTCW Demo Player WDP 1.05 (added support for RTCW 1.32) available.

Readme for RTCW Demo Player WDP 1.05.

Changes from DSC light 1.29
  • added: Support for Q3A 1.32 (dm_68 files). DSC supports dm3, dm_48, dm_66, dm_67 and dm_68 demos.
Changes from DSC light 1.28
  • added: switch to decide whether q3 should be terminated after demo playback automatically or not.
Changes from DSC light 1.27
  • bugfix: The loop command has looped a demo only two times.
  • bugfix: A special graphics script (eg. Xtra cmdline: +exec graphics.cfg) has needed a vid_restart to be executed.
  • changed: Pressing the slow motion key while playing a demo does not more disable status drawing. It will be disabled only for slower modes than slow motion.
Changes from DSC light 1.26
  • bugfix: When playing Q3 1.17 demos the q3config.cfg was screwed up somtimes.
Changes from DSC light 1.25
  • added: A more transparent (hopefully) Options/MODs dialog.
  • added: OSP dm_48 demos will be played with CPMA on default. This is because CPMA automatically handles the 'broken' (invisible players) OSP demos correctly. Look also in the readme section "Problems with dm_48 OSP demos?" for installing an additional old OSP version for playing dm_48 OSP demos.
  • added: The "Play as.." window has a new command line parameters edit control. You may change the q3a command line yourself for more control.
Changes from DSC light 1.24
  • bugfix: Options/MODs had an error. After changing a value in the "Play with" column, you had to click somewhere else in the listview to be able to save the change.
  • changed: OSP dm3 demos will be played as baseq3 demos on default.
  • Updated: The readme file. Please read it carefully, it may be helpfull for you!
Changes from DSC light 1.23
  • added: Compatibility with PR 1.30
Changes from DSC light 1.22
  • bug fix: shortcut to switch version to q3 1.29h was faulty
Changes from DSC light 1.21
  • bug fix: problem on some missionpack demos (error map not installed)
  • added: option test whether map is installed (default off)
  • changed: demos in [Some_MOD_DIR]\demos and subfolders are played on default as Some_MOD demos.
  • changed: some GUI elements.
Changes from DSC light 1.2
  • bug fix: broken sound.
  • bug fix: broken "play as.." from properties.
  • added: all buttons have sound now (in case button sounds are enabled).
Changes from DSC light 1.1
  • bug fix: Play control keys could not be changed within the options menu.
  • added: "Play as.." in context menu of demos. Select one from your installed mods before playing the demo.
  • added: While any DSC light window is open, you may use any of the demo context menu entries. In earlier version you had to close DSC, before to be able to use commands from the context menu of demos.
Changes from DSC light 1.01
  • More flexible Mod Settings (see Options/Mod Settings). Now you may play your demos with any of your installed mods. Example: You have the newest OSP version for PR 1.29f installed. Your old 1.17 compatible OSP demos will not run with your new OSP version. In previous versions you had to configure an OSP version switch or to play old OSP demos as baseq3 demos. Now you may install an additional old OSP version (into [Your Q3A root Dir]\OSP_117 for example) which is compatible with PR 1.17 OSP demos. In Options/Mod Settings set your 1.17 OSP demos to OSP_117. In general now you may decide whether you want to install an additional old version of your favorite mods or whether you want to configure version switching for your mods. The first way is much easier in general, but it consumes additional hd space. For smaller mods like OSP this is the preferred way.
Changes from DSC light 1.0
  • fix: "options/mod settings/play always as" was showing the false value.

Beta DSC 1.39k (0,99MB) available.

Exe only version (for beta testers) DSC 1.39k (644KB) available.

Changes from DSC 1.39J
  • changed: Installation procedure and package content.
Changes from DSC 1.39I
  • bug fix: Total Playlength. Statusbar in demolist.
  • bug fix: Parsing problem on playlength calculation.
Changes from DSC 1.39H
  • bug fix: Demo Play Control keys are now correctly for all mods.
  • bug fix: Empty "toggle ActionCam request" removed.
Changes from DSC 1.39G
  • bug fix: mod detection function could lead to program crash in rare cases.
Changes from DSC 1.39F
  • bug fix: properties/user: weblink was not showing if too long.
  • bug fix: properties/description should now synchronize perfectly with the 'Edit User Data' window.
  • bug fix: 'Info Tip Description' now shows as long as you stay on a item.
  • bug fix: While properties window is opened, demolist was not activated when moving mouse into it.
  • removed: Options/Show Hints at my cursor.
  • added: remember last selected rename scheme.
  • changed: Shows "Play" now instead of "Open" as the default action (double click) on demo filetypes.
Changes from DSC 1.39D
  • added: DSC now calculates the point of view itself.
  • added: New function "Extended rename". Define a rename scheme and rename your demos.
  • added: New function "Show description". when you move your mouse over an item in demolist, you see your demo description.
  • added: New function "Assign columns scheme to folder". You may assign different columns schemes for your folders, which will be loaded automatically on folder selection.
  • bug fixes
  • removed: ActionCam (too buggy, to enough user feedback)
Changes from DSC 1.39C
  • fixed: missionpack ctf demos not recognized as team games.
  • added: parsing for q3f 1.17 compatible demos adjusted.
  • added: global switch to enable/disable ActionCam beta feature.
  • readded: Splash Screen Option.
Changes from DSC 1.39A
  • fixed: Q3A will be closed after replaying demo(s), if the timedemo and loopdemo switches are off.
  • fixed: Restore Q3A version, after replaying demo(s) from Windows Explorer.
  • fixed: Properties/Player Description had a synchronization error in rare cases.
  • fixed: better sound fade-in-effect.
  • fixed: play mod demos from Windows Explorer had an error (unnecessary temp. copies were made).
  • fixed: flickering removed, when active/deactivate folder window.
  • fixed: properties crash on cpma-demos.
  • fixed: word wrap bug in properties/user-demo description.
  • fixed: Main Window, restore maximized state.
  • fixed: Not more possible to add folders twice.
  • added: New demo watching mode: ActionCam.
  • added: restore selected files from the demo list.
  • added: Total Demos, total size.
  • added: Internal Installation tool.
  • added: RA3 1.5 correct properties/scores.
  • added : MOTD Properties/Server Details.
  • added: Option for demolist: Auto columns size.
  • added: connection interrupted - message disabled when replaying at slow-motion or slower.
  • added: new Open and Save Dialogs (for win2000 and winME).
  • changed: Names for version switch. Newversion: quake3.exe.new, oldversion: quake3.exe.old.
  • changed: minor GUI changes.
  • changed: default action (doubleclick) on contextmenu is now play it, not more properties (same behaviour as in explorer).
  • changed: all file actions changed to Explorer style (delete, move..), files and folders delete -> move to recycle bin. shift + delete -> move to nirvhana. Same behaviour as Windows Explorer.
  • changed: Demo list a bit speed optimized.
  • changed: cut non-demo folders is a global switch now.

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