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Max Payne Benchmarking

20th August, 2001 / by Leonidas / translated by RAL & Houston / Page 2 of 6

      Benchmark procedure

1.    The first thing you need is obviously the benchmark MOD itself. Download and unzip the files into your Max Payne root directory.

2.    Start the game with the following command line: "...\MaxPayne\MaxPayne.exe -skipstartup -developerkeys". For this you may edit the shortcut in your program files start menu, as shown on the screenshot (Changes are marked in red):

Edit shortcut to Max Payne

3.    Start the game. In the launcher´s option menu that immediately appears you may set your preferred graphic options for the benchmark run. Notice two points here:

  • The option "anisotropic" does not state exactly what kind of anisotropic filtering is being used. Note that different video cards may handle the anisotropic filtering differently. So for now we recommend to disable this option in favor of getting comparable benchmarking results. At a later time we will come back to this issue when more information are available. (Update)

    Grafic settings No.1

  • You will also want to check out the setting for texture sharpness under the in-game video option menu since this will affect performance, image quality and of course the comparability between different benchmark results.

    Grafic settings No.2

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