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Max Payne Benchmarking

20th August, 2001 / by Leonidas / translated by RAL & Houston / Page 5 of 6

      Benchmark procedure (continues)

AnandTech´s Truck Exploding Demo
Note: AnandTech´s name of this scene is "cut scene between chapters 4 & 5 of Part I".

AnandTech´s Truck Exploding Demo: Starten des Framecounters
The demo starts with a pre-rendered cut scene. Do not yet press "F11" here. You may end this scene by pressing "ESC" twice.

AnandTech´s Truck Exploding Demo: Starten des Framecounters
Press "F11" immediately after this scene!

AnandTech´s Truck Exploding Demo: Ablesen des Framecounters
After the cut scene the game returns to the normal mode and Max Payne speaks the sentence "... before the explosive make over". Read the value "Avg ..." (from the area marked in red outline) when he´s saying the last word "over".

7.    Don´t start a benchmark run again in this Max Payne session. Always quit the program and start it again for another benchmark run! This is because after you have started the counter it will count every single frame until you end the game.

To say it absolutely clearly: Start the game, start the demo, read the value, quit the game. Never benchmark twice without restarting the game nor start the frame counter too early. We don´t want anything that possibly will affect our benchmark results.

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