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Max Payne Benchmarking

20th August, 2001 / by Leonidas / translated by RAL & Houston / Page 3 of 6

      Benchmark procedure (continues)

4.    Make sure you have chosen the right video device, screen resolution and T&L acceleration mode. Also make sure that the "benchmark-mod" has been selected under "Choose Customized Game". Now you are ready to start the game.

Start the "benchmark-mod"

5.    Well the next step is pretty much self-explanatory. Start the benchmark by choosing "Load Benchmark Scene" and then one of the four available scenes.

Start the selected benchmark scene

6.    Unlike in Quake III Arena you have to start and stop the frame counter manually at predefined points of the scenes. It┤s very important to match the right points of the game scenes to get comparable results. Below are the details for every benchmark scene:

PCGH┤s Final Scene No.1 (VGA-Demo)

PCGH┤s Final Scene No.1 (VGA-Demo): Starten des Framecounters
Press "F11" immediately after the demo is loaded!

PCGH┤s Final Scene No.1 (VGA-Demo): Ablesen des Framecounters
Read the frame counter at the time when Max Payne is saying "I released my finger from the trigger", while he looks down from the roof of the Aeries Building to the burning helicopter. After this scene the screen becomes black and the demo is at the end. It┤s very important to read the frame counter right before the screen becomes black. Read the value "Avg ..." (from the area marked in red outline).

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